Saturday, 29 June 2013

Say NO to Gaps- NEW Dove Intense Repair Range with Keratin Actives

I've been using this brand new Intense Repair shampoo, conditioner and hair mask for over 2 weeks now, and I'm so thankful this came to my rescue at the right time! I've always had dry-frizzy hair but lately, I feel like it's getting severely damaged! :/

Shampoo, Conditioner
Hair Mask
Now obviously hair damage is inevitable! Somehow or the other- be it ironing, curling, exposure to the sun, pollution etc., our tresses go through hell! 

Hair can be very fragile, the structure of a hair strand is similar to that of a brick wall. Over the years, the bricks move from their original places and leave gaps. Similarly, your hair shaft gets weak and vulnerable leaving "gaps" that you won't be able to see! :(

What we can do, is to treat and nourish them...

So let me just quickly brief you about how this range works...

This new range which is formulated with Keratin Actives goes deep down and reconstructs your hair by strengthening it at it's core, repairing it so that it transforms into strong, shiny, smooth hair! :) Nowadays, I'm picking up products that have Keratin in them because they work wonders for your hair!

I'm in LOVE with the mask! In summers, my hair gets quite unmanageable and after using the mask, I was thrilled to see how tame my hair was! Lol.. 

How to use the Mask:

Use the hair mask once a week after you shampoo your hair. You can use this after the conditioner or use it in place of a conditioner depending on how damaged your hair is...

(P.S- I've stepped out with my soaking wet hair to show you how to use the mask, but you obviously have to be in the bathroom when you do this! Haha!)

1. Take a palm-sized amount or less of the mask, depending on your hair length


2. Apply on damp hair

3. Cover with a shower cap so it absorbs into your hair for 3-5 mins

4. Wash it off with luke-warm to cold water

Price Range:
Shampoo/ Conditioner: Rs. 68 onwards for 80ml 
Mask: Rs. 215 for 200ml

Do try it out an tell me what you think!!

Have a great hair day!!
Akriti <3 


  1. mask can be applied on the scalp ? revert back soon :) i just love your blog and be beautiful videos, u are expressive and your make up tips have helped me a lot !!! *love*

  2. I want to know about Loreal hair spa..... can v use it at home????? If yes than how ????
    How is it compare to Dove mask ....


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