Thursday, 22 August 2013

How to get rosy glowing cheeks! :)

Hey guys! I had quite a few queries on how to get that rosy glow on my cheeks when I posted this pic on my facebook page the other day.. Ofcourse, I will share with you the products that I used.. But before that, I have to admit, that lighting and camera makes a HUGE difference to any picture.

While taking this pic, I faced the morning sunlight which makes my face look bright, smooth and even.. and my iPhone camera brought out the glowy-ness! If you see me in person, you might not see the rosy glow but when you take a picture, it reflects the makeup and enhances it! The point I'm making here is that, you might not see the full effect of the makeup unless you take a picture with great lighting! So when you are applying products on your cheeks or wherever, don't go overboard, even if you can't see the highlighter you've applied on your cheeks, it will be visible on camera! :)

Left: Liquid Highlighter ; Right: Cream Blush

I picked up the NYX Cream Blush in the shade Tea Rose from Mumbai (It was from one of the Beauty Centres in Khar West). I bought it for Rs.650/- which is not bad since it's great quality and lasts for agesss! NYX is available all across the U.S, it's one of the affordable makeup brands that have great quality products! They have loads of different shades, I wanted a natural looking blush with not too much pink, so this worked for me! While buying yourself one, I suggest you to try them on first since they look different on different skin tones. To apply the cream blush, smile into the mirror and dab some on the apples of  your cheeks with your fingertips. Blend till it creates a subtle wash of color. If you have acne prone skin, avoid cream blushes!

The Benefit High Beam is a brilliant highlighter that accentuates your cheekbones and gives you a face lift. It's packaged like a nail polish, it's a beautiful pearly pink with sheen.. you just have to dot your cheekbones with it and blend with your fingers. You'll see that your skin looks fresh and dewy! A highlighter shouldn't be applied all over your cheeks, that looks a bit messy! Only on your cheekbone (below your eye socket and above the apples of you cheeks) You should feel your cheekbone with your finger and then apply the highlighter so you apply it precisely.

In the pic above, I used a teeny bit of both these products since it's for the day.. At night I would apply a tad bit more since artificial lighting at night tones down the makeup!

Thats it for now!

Have a beautiful day and keep smiling! :)



  1. Wow Love the look, Quite Pretty :D
    xoxo <3

  2. Lovely. I swear by nyx creme blush they are awesome.

  3. OMGsh .... we both have same favourites ! I love benefit high beam and NYX cream blush... Where in Kahr can I get nyx products ? (coz I usually buy them online)

  4. hey akriti..i just wanted to thank you for all the info you provide thru various channels.. while seeing your youtube videos.. i just kinda off connect with you.. as you always give real feedback that's actually useful for somebody who is a beginner like me to this cosmetic anf beauty world.. thank you once again for being so natural and so real.. lots of love.. shweta chhutani.. your baroda fan..


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