Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Makeup Course with Celebrity Makeup Artist Cory Walia! :D

I've been in Mumbai for the last 16 days since I enrolled in Cory Walia's 2 week intensive makeup course. I finally graduated yesterday with a fun bunch of girls who I will terribly miss! :( 

 Cory Walia :)

Cory Walia and his team have taught me some amazing techniques of applying makeup and how you don't need to have the most expensive products to achieve a flawless look.. It's all about the application and blending! :)

It was so nice to be in an environment with Makeup Artists, sharing and learning tips from each other! 

Cory is such a gem of a person, he makes sure you understand the art of makeup in your own creative way! I'm so glad I did this course, sooo worth it! Now I can't wait to get back to Bridals and try out these new techniques! :)



  1. thats so cool
    Looking fwd for you to share some tips with us too
    u look bful

  2. Hello Akriti,

    Do you know if there any courses like this in Bangalore?
    If yes, can you please let me know the details?

    Greeshma K

  3. Hey!!
    I have no knowledge of make-up. there is nothing I m ready with. I want to learn the basics n even more... Will u plz tell me that with what actually I should start????

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