Saturday, 12 October 2013

Makeup for a bright yellow dress!

Helloo lovelies! After I posted this pic yesterday, a lot of you'll had asked me about the blue on my eyes and the shade of my lipstick.. It's such an easy look which I have to share with you!

With a shade like yellow, it's better not to match your makeup with it since it will just get lost on your face! I suggest using contrasting, complementary colours that will make your yellow pop! The first thing that came to my mind was SUNSET! I used colors that would combine together to form a beautiful sunset. A blue/purple eye pencil instantly makes your eyes sparkle against the yellow. Now I can't go too bright on my lips since I've used a blue so I decided to go for a peachy-orangey-pinky lipstick.. Pls help me out guys, what color do you think my lipstick is ? I can't decide between peach and pink!

Eyes: First I used a Colorbar navy blue pencil called Electra 04 to line my eyes. I love this pencil because it's long lasting and they come in great shades! To really make the blue pop, it's important to apply a matching eyeshadow on top to set it. For this, I used an angular brush by M.A.C #208 ( any angular brush would work). Slightly dampen the brush and dab it on the blue eyeshadow (make sure the brush is not too wet). The eyeshadow I used is a limited edition MAC mineralize eyeshadow called Blue Sheen which delivers a rich indigo blue vibrant color. It immediately adds a pop to your eyes. This is my FAVOURITE eyeshadow and I use it with kanjusy/kanjoosy (however you spell that haha!) because it's limited edition, it's not available any more. All you beauties who have attended my workshops would have definitely seen this or used this, it's my star possession! :D On my lower waterline, I applied a black kajal by Inglot (forgot to put it into the pic). To complete the look, I applied one coat of the Lakme Eyeconic Mascara.

Lips : If you've been following my blog, you must know that I love to make my own cocktail when it comes to lipsticks.  I just mix and match a couple of shades! To add softness, I used a pale bubblegum pink lip pencil by Bourjois called Rose (number 15) and applied it all over my lips. After getting a pink base, I used an orangey peach lipstick by M.A.C called Vegas Volt. Vegas Volt is a gorgeous colour but on Indian skin tone, I prefer mixing it with a warm lip pencil for it to look good!

Hope you like the look :)



  1. Oh, this is lovely. :) Ahh, that blue eyeshadow looks amazing :D

  2. Hey nice, I wanted to buy a bright yellow top last time when I visited a store, but my husband stopped me saying the color is too bright :-(

  3. yellow and electric blue is such a great combination!

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  4. You look super pretty! I love that blue color on you and the yellow top! I have been using Oriflame Beauty Smooth Definer in the same blue colour, and it is quite fantastic! I will try to pair with the next time I wear yellow!

  5. The overall look and your 'combination sense' is quite good!
    I must say this is a Best makeup combo for a casual look or instead of blue you could also try violet colour as to give that contrasting vibrant look!

  6. nice combo :) loved the entire makeup :) you know i saw you in one of the youtube ads few days back, that is how i came across your blog :) love your blog

  7. love this look of urs....following u now! Are u on bloglovin?

  8. beautiful combo with yellow

  9. Very pretty and simple look :) I love the colorbar pencil too...

    Priyanka recently posted :

  10. Be sure to send your correct measurements to the makers because they are so detailed. My dress fits so well and I was reluctant to take it off after the fitting.
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  11. It,s a great combination between yellow and electric, cosmetics

  12. akriti can you please do a video on april fab bag .please


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