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Sunday, 22 December 2013

No eyeshadow makeup... Minimum effort, maximum impact!

It's December already!! Ahhh can't believe this year is coming to an end!! :O As clitchéd as it sounds, this year has flown by too quickly!!

Anyway, last night when I went out with my friends, I decided to live up to this festive season by wearing a bronze sequined top.. I actually bought it 4 years ago while I was on holiday in London. It's amazing how it doesn't look that old, thats the beauty of sequins!! :D 

Top: Miss Selfridge 
        Black waxed jeans: Zara
   Watch: Michael Kors

When it came to my makeup, I decided to go for "minimum effort, maximum impact" haha.. I had a looooong day yesterday and I couldn't be bothered to dress up! Plus, less is MORE sometimes!

I went for the no eyeshadow look! I literally used a black kohl pencil and a bright red lipstick!!
Okay, you can stop there if you want it to stay for one hour, but for your makeup to last all day it's really important to layer it up! So On top of the black kohl, I used black eyeshadow to set it in place with a pencil brush from mac called #219. 

Coral Red- Oriflame, M.A.C Smolder 

Let me make this simpler:

1. Draw a line on top of your eyes and below with a black kohl pencil. I used M.A.C Smolder as it's jet black and smudges alot!! Now you must be wondering why I would like a pencil that smudges..? For this look, I've just smoked out my eyeliner and smudged it with a smudge brush so it's easier to use this pencil instead of one that is stubborn and smudge proof.

2. Smudge this with a smudge brush- M.A.C #219

3. Dab on some black eyeshadow on top with the same brush so that it sets the kohl and it remains in tact all night long!!

4. Curl your lashes and apply some mascara!

For my lips, I used a gorgeous Coral Red lipstick by Oriflame from the Demi Moore Collection. It's long lasting so there's no need for touch ups!! :D 

I also used some foundation before I started my makeup to even it out since my skin has been acting up lately!! 

Hope this was helpful! :)

Have fun. party hard and make the most of 2013!!!

Mwah :*


  1. Loved it. Akriti I have watched all your makeup videos on YouTube and I must say you are amazing. Keep up the good work. All the best :-)

  2. I love using eyeshadow but sometimes prefer such minimum effort looks ! loved it and you look absolutely stunning

  3. You look gorgeous Akriti! I Love the way that bright red lipstick is looking on you :D

  4. wow ! superb choice of clothes . :)

  5. Hey,
    I loved your sequined top!
    you look great even with minimum makeup. Infact, I feel once in a while its fair to go out without any makeup. Afterall, one should feel comfortable in their own skin and love it. Isn't it?

    Geetika |

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