Thursday, 24 April 2014

The best way to exfoliate your body!

I'm so in love with these exfoliating gloves from The Body Shop!! Been using them for over 2 years now, wish I bought them earlier! Ohh well, it's never too late! :D They are available in plenty of colors... I wanted PINK (as usual) but it was sold out so i picked up yellow!

How to use them: Take 3-4 drops of shower gel and scrub your entire body in circular motions. It gets rid of dead skin cells, dirt, impurities etc. and makes your skin super soft!  If you have sensitive skin, please be gentle because this is pretty rough.. I recommend you use thee beauties 3-4 times a week because over exfoliation isn't good for you skin!! Oh and plsss don't use it for your face, it's wayyy too harsh! 

Upon regular use, it keeps your skin healthy, tone and firm! Showering will not be the same without them, guaranteed!! 

After your shower, apply a body lotion to soothe and nourish your skin! :)

Price: Rs.395/- 
Exfoliating Gloves- The Body Shop

Happy Showering gorgeous people!!! ^_^



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