Friday, 2 May 2014

Bridal Makeup Video | North Indian

I'm super duper excited to share this video with you guys!!! I've been wanting to shoot a Bridal Makeup video for the longest time! I haven't used an actual bride though, I asked my friend Radhika Patel if she could volunteer for it and she sweetly agreed.. Thank you Rads!! The focus on this video is MAKEUP, if I planned this shoot earlier, I would have definitely got my Hairstylist to give her a nice hairstyle and drape her lehenga.. but this was so last minute since I'm traveling on work for a month! 

Let me know what you think!! :D 

So finally, you get to see the magic of airbrush makeup! It's just flawless and natural at the same time as it's mixed with air and sprayed on.. 

Nishita Solanki is a saviour for helping me shoot this video so patiently!! :* Thankssss!! 

The gorgeous Jewellery is from Anmol Palce ( Ispahani Centre) in Chennai.. they have beautiful sets (al different types from across India) there which you can buy or rent incase you want to wear it for your wedding! If you give my name, you will get a special rate! ;) Hehe! 

I hope to do other Bridal videos soon.. maybe once I'm back! Meanwhile, have an awesome day, be happy and keep smiling!! 

Lots of love,


  1. Excellent akriti <3 :) as always L.O.V.E your work :*

  2. Akriti your work is super duper. I loved the entire look.. :-) That awesome to have the note of jewellery. Please keep posting more Bridal Makeup videos. which foundation brush and contouring powder you are using

  3. Airbrush make up is one of the best option for having flawless look of your skin and can be ideally used for wedding day makeup

  4. Makeup is very beautiful. You show very easy steps for makeup. Thank you for sharing such nice and valuable information.
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  5. Soo Glad I was the first one to comment on this post ^_^ ;) I have been watching this over & over again. You make things look so classy & effortless...

    Can you please share the brand name of the blending brush and the stippling foundation brush that you used in this video? It would really help me as I am building my makeup brushes kit.

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