Friday, 23 May 2014

Eye makeup to match denims!

Hi beautiful people,

Yesterday I wore a denim shirt paired with black leggings to train young Lakme Makeup Artists in Delhi! I wanted  to apply minimal eye makeup so I came up with a cool combination for eyeliner- grey and blue! Since I had around 100 different Lakme products in my hotel room so I was experimenting with them..

Scroll down to read up on how to get this look... 

Instagram pic

Original pic
Let me break it down for you:
1. Draw an eyeliner with a blue pencil 
2. With an angular brush, wing out the liner slightly.
3.  Spray some water on the brush and dip it into a grey shimmery eyeshadow 
4. Dab it on the blue liner to create a gorgeous blue-grey eyeliner!
5. Repeat the same on your lower lash line and finish off with mascara :)

The products I used:
1. Lakme Forever Silk Eyeliner- Electric Violet (I have no idea why its not called Electric Blue!!)
2. Lakme Absolute Illusion Eyeshadow- Smoky Pearl (the grey shimmery eyeshadow)
3. Lipstick: Lakme Absolute Gloss Addict- Pink Passion

Smoky Pearl

Electric Violet

Do try this out and tell me what you think! If you want me to do a video for this look, please comment below!! :D 



  1. Yes please :) It would b gr8 if u cud do a video on dis coz its such a versatile look :D

  2. Now you have lots of options for choosing eyeshadow and match it from your Denims. I am using mineral eyeshadow and there are a variety of shades available in this. Eyeshadow makes your eyes more beautiful and you look more attractive after using this. So whatever you wear, you can try your matching eyeshadow.

  3. Hello Akriti, I am a great fan of your work. I am a disaster with make up and I dont use it too much (in fact, I simply use a black kohl and a lip gloss. That's it). I want to venture into more make up, use a foundation and eye shadow once in a while. Can you please suggest what kind of eye shadow should a beginner use (ones in a stick, or powder or cake kind). I tried a MaxFactor eye shadow which was very powdery and it fell on my face more than it stuck to my eyes. Then it creased and transferred to the hooded part of eyes when I opened them. I have creamy skin so that might have been an issue. I would love to wear a black smokey look.
    Please, please help me out as you are the only one I know who ever thinks about the basics. I will be eternally grateful


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